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Thread: Product improvement needed

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    Product improvement needed

    We live fulltime in our Sundance 2800RLS which means we experience low temperatures in the winter months. Paying more attention to the positioning of water lines would help aleviate freezing when temperatures drop to zero. The run to the kitchen should be repositioned close to the floor and near the heat duct or alternatively, above the floor on the floor in the back of the cabinets. The run to the bathroom sink needs insulation. These improvements should be negligible in cost but very much appreciated by us using our trailers in the winter.
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    Great point. All of our previous TT's and Fifth Wheels had the plumbing all run through the cabinets, closets, WD area and so on. Never did have a frozen line when cold weather camping and letting the heat drop down. Might be a good thing to have as an option such as some call their Arctic Package. Reading many of the post, it sounds like this winter is catching a lot of folks without water due to placement of water lines.

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    Dave Willis

    I have forwarded this info to our engineering department to see what we can do about the location of the plumbing lines. We are always looking to improve our products. Your input is greatly appreciated.



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    Well done Dave, Thanks for listening.
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