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Thread: Thetford Black Streak and Bug Remover

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    Thetford Black Streak and Bug Remover

    Well today I decided it was finally time to clean some of the out side of the trailer. Lately we have had a Robin attacking our rear window and crapping all over the ladder and rear cap. I used household all-purpose cleaner and got the back looking real good, so I ventured to the front and started to clean the front cap too.

    I know I should have done this WAY sooner, but this was the first time I have really tried to clean the front cap. I have sprayed it off at truck washes a couple other times, but never really scrubbed the front cap.

    We have traveled about 15,000 miles total and over 7,000 since the last cleaning. So needless to say we had a lot of bugs stuck to the front end and some have been baked on by the 100*+ heat of a South Texas summer last year.

    I climbed in to the bed of the truck and started wiping down the house hold cleaner and was making very little progress.

    I had to go do some other shopping and picked up a spray bottle of Thetford Black Streak and Bug remover.

    I got back to the RV and climbed back into the truck bed, sprayed some on and wipe it with a damp micro-fiber towel, and I was amazed.

    All the bugs and the black streaks that have formed from all the rain lately just wiped off with very little effort.

    In all I spent about 15 minutes to clean the entire front cap and now it looks like new.

    If any one is needed an easy way to get even old baked on bugs off the front caps I have to highly recommend this stuff.
    Alan, Sandy, and 2 Corgis, Molly and Baxter

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    Re: Thetford Black Streak and Bug Remover

    Hmmmm Might be a good raffle prize for rallies?
    Mark and Kristy
    Founding Oregon HOC Chapter Leaders-Retired
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    Re: Thetford Black Streak and Bug Remover

    Thanks for the tip, will need to procure this Thetford stuff.

    Mark, Jennifer & Lauren
    2009 Sundance 2998RB
    2006 GMC C/C Short Box D/A 4X4
    HOC # 1232

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    Re: Thetford Black Streak and Bug Remover

    I have been looking at my front cap and the much-needed cleaning with considerable trepidation due to (a) the jeavily encrusted dead bugs and (b) the general height of the front cap. I do not have a ladder that is adequately high amd I fear scratching the surface while leaniNg a ladder. I never thought about standing on the truck bed... That and a six foot ladder should be perfect :-O I will say -

    have done my part reducing the bug population this year between Virgina & North Carolina. I will definately try the Thetford cleaner - thanks!
    Jim & Leslie Pasch
    2009 Heartland BigHorn (3385RL)
    2006 Ford F350 SuperDuty Crew Cab Diesel Lariat
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    Re: Thetford Black Streak and Bug Remover

    A great thing to put on the front cap is a product called REJEX. It goes on like a liquid wax, bonds to the polymer and lasts several months. It makes it easy to clean off the bugs and gives a lasting protection to the finish. You can buy it online (no cheap) but you get what you pay for.
    Jim & Sheila Gratz - owners club #1018 Workamping as Sales Associate with SE Publications Certified RV Walk-through Technician [/I] 2013 Landmark San Antonio - full body paint - Fulltimer pkg, Yetti pkg etc., Mor-Ryde IS with never lube bearings and disc brakes. --previous 5er - 2007 "Classic" Landmark "Golden Gate" Replaced 9/20/13 2012 Ford F350 King Ranch Crew Cab fx4 dually, 6.7 L Husky Trailer Saver TS2 hitch "visit TEXAS - it's like a whole 'nuther country" Rally Site 414

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    Re: Thetford Black Streak and Bug Remover

    Thanks Alan, wonder if walleys world has it ??

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    South Central Region Director, HOC jayc's Avatar
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    Re: Thetford Black Streak and Bug Remover

    I bought my Rejex at a boat store. I don't think I've ever seen it at Wally's.
    Navigator and Director of Operations-Stella
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    Re: Thetford Black Streak and Bug Remover

    Concerning the black streak remover---did it remove your wax? Did you put it over your decals??--any issues/concerns?
    IN VT we saw an 5 year old rv that looked like new--the owner used only Nu-Finish which is not a wax. I tried it on my pu and happy with results, but it does not do too well with black streaks so looking for something to supplement to remove the streaks before I apply nu-finish

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    Founding MN Chapter Leader-retired
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    Re: Thetford Black Streak and Bug Remover

    I'll give kudos for the Thetford product too. Started using it on our previous SOB and it worked great! I found it worked best when I sprayed it on, let it "work" for bit and washed with nice warm/hot water. Really softened those nasty MN bugs up so they're easier to get off!
    Tom and Kathy Ireland
    Founding MN Chapter Leaders-retired
    HOC #1592
    2015 Landmark 365 Ashland

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    Senior Member sgtbigb's Avatar
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    Re: Thetford Black Streak and Bug Remover

    Check this stuff out>
    Gene & Song BrandonHOC #1151, 2010 Dodge Lamarie 3500 4X4 SWD Diesel Mega Cab, 2008 Heartland Bighorn 3400RE (gone July 2009)2010 Heartland Bighorn 3610RE (gone July 2010)2011 Landmark Rushmore (I will die with this baby)Well I did not think I would live this long, gone June 2015. 2016 Hearthland Bighorn 3750 FL never say never

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