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Thread: Rid-X for black tank treatment

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    Re: Rid-X for black tank treatment

    Quote Originally Posted by JohnDar View Post
    I'm almost convinced that if the sensors are just wet and not submerged, that they will read incorrectly. Last fall, I dumped and flushed rigorously at the CG before we pulled the rig home to storage. The waste tanks still did not read empty, but there was nothing left in them. A couple of days ago, I went out to reinstall the battery in preparation to hauling it for service tomorrow, and all of the tanks read empty.
    Yep, same deal with mine. Upon return from a trip to east Texas they read a third full, but a week later they read empty.

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    Re: Rid-X for black tank treatment

    If you ever use one of those multi-spray tank blasters that hook to your facet from the top, you are never going to get a good read out again as it can loosen it up or torpedo it entirely.
    2nd issue: there could be TP stuck *around* the in tank meter causing a false reading.

    For 2 summers I'd help in the RV rental section and man, people would bring back every size until with tanks about sloshing over in the middle of summer. It was gross. We'd take turns (we had a hat with names in it) on who was going to take a 5 gallon bucket of water directly from the building water heater, pour it down the toilet (after trying to dump out as much as we could) and then toss them a bottle of cheap dish washing liquid. The cheaper the better as its thick and will lubricate. Once you let it sit for a few minutes and air out the unit, dump and then fill with warm water as far as we could then dump again and as it drained, take cheap dish wash liquid and squirt it in a circular motion as far down as you could.

    Cleaned some really nasty stuck black & gray holding tanks every time so its all I use to this day.
    (good lord, I think I'm gagging a bit over the thought and that was almost 17 years ago!)
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    Re: Rid-X for black tank treatment

    WE use Dawn and Polident(buy at Sams Club). Has worked well for us. I have a question though, why Dawn? Why not Ivory or any of the others?
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    Re: Rid-X for black tank treatment

    Dawn cuts grease better than other brands or so I have been told.
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    Re: Rid-X for black tank treatment

    It must be true, haven't you seen the ads on TV where they use a Dawn mixture to clean up animals that are soaked with oil from the Louisiana spill? Plus, I've seen it on the internet and everyone knows that Mr. Gore wouldn't invent something that allows lies.
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    Re: Rid-X for black tank treatment

    You are right Jim it does cut the grease. I use it in the kitchen but we don't use it in our tanks . We do use water softener and detergent with 6 gallions of water.
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    Re: Rid-X for black tank treatment

    The percentage of surfactant is higher in Dawn.
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