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Thread: TV size

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    None What is the max size TV that can fit in the bedroom cabinet?

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    3055 bedroom TV rectangle. 21 W x 18 H.

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    I have a 3400RL and just bought a Vizio 20" LCD VSC 20V1 from for $198.

    Dimensions with Stand: 20 x 8 x 18. Fits perfectly
    I plan to remove the stand and mount it on a swivel.

    The only problem with this TV is that is doesn't have a digital tuner, so it will require a converter box for over-the-air reception after Feb 2009. It works fine with analog OTA and cable - can't beat the price.

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    Bedroom TV

    I have a 20" flat panel Emerson that I got at Walmart. Since it fills the hole completely, I added an outlet box below the cabinet, and moved the antenna booster down below so I could access it all. I also bolted a DVD player and inverter to the bottom of the cabinet so I could use it all while boondocking. (Haven't done it yet, but you never know when you might need it).
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