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Thread: Can some one From Ne. join the Iowa club

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    Can some one From Ne. join the Iowa club

    Just wondering if someone for anther state can join as I do not see any clubs from Ne

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    Re: Can some one From Ne. join the Iowa club

    Sure can !! Just go to the portal page and sign up, In a couple of weeks everything will be sent to you.
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    Re: Can some one From Ne. join the Iowa club

    But you really don't need to be in the Iowa Chapter to attend any of the Iowa outings. If you are in the Club you can attend any Rally or Camp out that the Club offers.
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    Re: Can some one From Ne. join the Iowa club

    Hi, Gary and Janelle:

    Active Chapters of the Heartland Owners Club are chapters that have had an HOC member step up and volunteer to be the Chapter Leader.

    When you join the Heartland Owners Club you may choose any active Chapter you would like. Some people choose the chapter for the state/province they live in; some choose the chapter they are closest to so they can attend rallies and events; etc.

    You will receive information regarding chapter events from the Chapter Leader of which ever chapter you choose.

    No matter which chapter you choose you can attend any rally, anytime, anywhere.

    So no matter which chapter you join, we would love to have you as Heartland Owners Club members.
    Julie Hancock
    Heartland Owners Club Manager

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    Re: Can some one From Ne. join the Iowa club

    thank you for letting me know all of the infomation you gave me

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    Re: Can some one From Ne. join the Iowa club

    Hi Gary and Janelle,

    I am welcoming you in advance. Join the fun.

    Hope to see you at a rally in 2012!

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    Jim Beletti

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