Since we had the Valor system in the Landmark, and had a different system on the truck (screwed on the valve stem) we installed the Valor system in the Chevy.

This is a great system, it is so nice to have one system. After the initial cost of installation at the tire shop, we needed balancing and rotation anyway, it took 3 hours to wire the unit into the truck, power off the key. We found the programming instructions lacking, especially the time & date (never did get it right), i know we can call Don, just haven't landed long enough yet.

After about 3 hours we had a rear axle sensor stop working, no alarm which we found interesting and of course you can't read the display when the sun is shining on it, (needs a display brightness control) I could see the tire was inflated so not to worried about it and stopped a little way down the road. When got back in, all was good, again 2 or 3 hours down the road same one went offline again for about 10 minutes, back on, finished the trip without any more problems.

The antenna is located 6" to the left of the hitch and on the rear side of the rock guard (2" clearance). We followed the line off sight and the antenna can't see the tire directly. I know radio waves don't follow line of sight and that should not be the issue, i do wonder though if the full metal rock guard could be partly to blame, especially if the rock guard is touching the antenna during full flight.

i like the system, accuracy of TP is far better than the old system, gives a much better understanding of temperature versus pressure, sunny side versus shady side.

A few mods would be good, mainly day brightness, next programming (computer based would be best).

Good Job!