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Thread: Landmark updates: "365", clearing the "Aire", etc.

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    Landmark updates: "365", clearing the "Aire", etc.

    Hi everyone and happy Friday.
    It's been a fun winter and I enjoyed seeing many of you at shows.

    In no particular order, here are some Landmark tidbits:
    1. "365" is going nowhere! The 365 vibe, theories of full timing, etc., are in full effect. The 365 is in our literature, on the web, etc. You'll see it on units again later this year, where it used to be on the front cap.
    2. Regarding the wide body argument--I'll say it again, but the best floor plans come from 96'' wide coaches. Walk-in closets, huge rear dens, etc., all come from longer, not wider units. And, in my opinion, 96'' wide units are safer to haul.
    3. Landmark vs. DRV Aire. Aire looks nice. Aire is NOT the future Landmark. More of the opposite. I wish that product and sales team nothing but the best, but Landmark is the flagship of HRV and not to mention, outselling all of our competitors, in and out of the Heartland family.
    4. What's next--we have some rear kitchen ideas up our sleeves. The Lafayette turned out great. 30+ dealers have one on order so you'll see them this spring. Pics on the web already.

    Stay warm or stay cool depending upon where you are and have a great weekend!
    Andy Wesdorp
    GM, Landmark, Road Warrior and FUEL
    Andy Wesdorp
    General Manager, Landmark 365 & Road Warrior

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    Re: Landmark updates: "365", clearing the "Aire", etc.


    Thanks for the updates. A question about the bathroom design. I noticed on the Newport you are on the 3rd design of the bathroom closet in the last few months since you started the walk in design. The washer/dryer was moved from its own closet on the left, to its own closet on the right when you went to walk in closet. Then it was moved into the closet itself on the right side. Now it is showing in the closet on the left side. Is there any plans to move it again, maybe back into its own closet?

    2017 Ford F-350 DRW CC King Ranch
    2014 Landmark Savannah

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    Re: Landmark updates: "365", clearing the "Aire", etc.

    Andy....the Lafayette looks nice. do you and your design team decide on putting in a "tilt bed" or "slide-in-slide"? Personally the slide-in-slide is my favorite, as the bed would always be out of the way and would provide the most floor space, without having to tilt the bed up every morning and back down again every night.

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    Re: Landmark updates: "365", clearing the "Aire", etc.

    whats the plans on replacing the Arlington floor plan? the wife and I where talking about maybe upgrading from are bighorn to landmark. the Arlington was what we liked and looks like its discountinued. dealer stock only.

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