1. P

    Tank sag,heater pad clearances and front belly upgrade

    Hello everyone, I have a very sticky cable gate valve that I need to replace and while inspecting I found out that I have a tank sag issue that I need to fix as well. I spent yesterday taking the plywood off so I could get in there easily and have a good look at everything. I saw a fair amount...
  2. K

    Insulation Value/Type in Garage of 2019 4005

    I hope I have the right model - the wife and I saw one at the Kansas City RV Show a couple of weeks ago and she has fallen in love with it. However, I'm concerned about whether the garage is insulated to the same value as the rest of the coach. I don't find anything on line to answer the...
  3. J

    Landmark 365 Roof Construction - questions

    Hi, We have some questions regarding the roof construction and materials, as well as some general questions. Hopefully someone can assist us as the dealer we have been discussing the RV with hasn't been able to reply with an answer. I have searched Heartland's website, and the web, and can't...
  4. Sormand

    2016 Oakmont 400FL Cooling Issues

    We have a brand new Oakmont that we have lived in full time for the last 3 weeks. The AC in the front is struggling pretty bad. I took the unit back to the dealer and he assured me the unit was cooling per factory specs. Since we are coming up on summer heat in Texas, we are concerned. Our 1st...
  5. badog62

    Weather guard thermal protection...

    I bought a 2016 Oakmont and it says it has the Weather Guard Thermal Protection. We took delivery in mid December and planned on staying in it and getting acquainted with it over the holiday. We are in a nice CG near Sevierville, TN. and had one night of chilly weather, the temps got down to 30...
  6. 2010augusta

    Adding Insulation to the underside of the slides

    As winter approaches and the temperatures being to fall. I was thinking that it would be nice to have the floors in the slides a bit warmer. Has anyone added foam insulation under the slideouts? I have thought about adding a skirt, but that is not an option right now as the RV skirting place is...
  7. SouthernNights


    I have read here that there is no "insulation" in the slide out walls because the factory didnt feel it was necessary. How about the rear wall?? This what I found after drilling a hole in the wall. The B in the picture tells the location. I realize that fiberglass batt only creates the dead air...
  8. J

    insulation ?

    I was wondering if the foam in 2010 heartlands was toxic or it gives off any deadly fumes? jim thomas:confused:
  9. T

    Insulation in Slides

    I was wondering are the slide outs insulated?.
  10. soilmovers

    Window heat shield insulation

    This product works great on the windows for blocking heat and UV rays. It's similar to windshield sun shades but better. It's sold by the yard and you cut to size with scissors. A good way to protect the RV while in storage but we use it on the west side windows to block the hot afternoon sun...
  11. A

    Slide insulation

    I would like to know if the slides on the 2010 / 3410 are insulated . I'm about to buy one and may be spending a couple of winters in a cold (below freezing) area.:confused:
  12. dakotakid

    Nose cone insulation

    I have no idea where to ask this question but i will try here. I was reading on another forum about a guy having problems with condensation on his nose cone wall(head board) and in his closets when the temps outside get 20deg or below. What insulation does Heartland use in there noses? How do...