1. J

    Compartment Door Locks unable to insert key

    3 of the 4 side compartment storage doors have "slam locks" the key can't be inserted into without using a sharp dental type pick to slide small cover out of the way. This is "warranty work" on our 2018 BirHorn Traveler 32RS. The dealer has had the 5er since January now, blaming slow parts...
  2. Jesstruckn/Jesstalkn

    Project LM 365

    Here is a sneak peak at the new slid-out paint job. Lots more when its done Sent from my XT1254 using Tapatalk
  3. P

    MPG Compartment Locks - Difficulty to use

    My wife and I picked up our MPG 181 this afternoon because we plan on heading out next week. When I attempted to open one of the outside compartments, I found that the key would not open the lock. I could have tried to force the lock to open, but did not want to break off the whimpy key in the...
  4. B

    Coupler Lock?

    Our 2011 North Country 22RBQ has a unique coupler. I have two "universal" coupler locks and neither fits. Anybody out there know of a lock that will fit? Thanks
  5. PSF513

    Replacement Locks

    There has been some recent posts regarding replacement locks for the underbelly and other doors that I can not seem to locate. Looking for suggestions as to where to look and what locks are best. THANKS
  6. Elder1

    bathroom door locks

    After we picked up our 2011 3250ts we noticed that the pocket doors on the bathroom did not have a lock. Now this may not be a big deal to some but we have young grand kids that travel with us from time to time and we don't want any uh accidents to happen. 1) why do these doors not have a...
  7. SouthernNights

    PPS and door locks

    Ok here is a weird one. I have had a problem with the doors locking on my 09 GMC all by themselves. Not all the time, just once in awhile. The dealer said he had never heard of that and could not diagnois the problem without a mech. sitting there watching the truck and have it happen to him...
  8. porthole

    Cyclone door locks not keyed alike???

    Is this correct? I need to keep two keys, one for each side door??? My key ring included 4 different keys 2 - side door keys 1 - baggage door key 1 - key of unknown origin - no one knows what it is for.
  9. B

    entry door locks

    Anyone having problems with there entry door locks being hard to lock and unlock with the keys ?? I have used WD40 and silicone spray the lock is still hard to use. This is the 2nd one, the 1st one got us locked out of our rig and had to call a locksmith to get us in. This one is on the verge of...
  10. L

    Lubricating RV and Other Locks

    From latest issue of RV Travel One area often overlooked for RV maintenance–and pretty much every RV has one or more to overlook–are locks. Door locks, compartment locks, locks on hitches, locks on toolboxes. Where’s Dr. Suess when you need him? He’s probably stuck in a locked compartment . . ...
  11. sleeps2

    Replacement Storage Compartment Locks

    We will be picking up our new BH 3670RL in about a month when the weather up North gets better. As we will be fulltiming, we are concerned about the security of our storage compartments which use the universal CH 751 key. Does anyone know of a source to order replacement locks that are keyed...
  12. T

    ch751 keys and locks

    We purchased a brand new 2009 northtrail 31 red last week (6-27-08) and immediately went camping, it was brought to our attention that our keys to the storage compartments are used by many manufacturers, they are the same keys as our last TT. How do we go about getting replacement lock and keys...