1. S

    Abandon Vehicle Auction

    Hello Heartand owners. There is a 2011 Heartland Road Warrior 281 coming up at a local abandoned vehicle auction. I’m hoping I can get a good deal. Have any of you bought RVs at these auctions befor and if so what was your experience like? Is it reasonable to think I could get a good deal? What...
  2. T

    Solar help/general info, please!

    I just purchased a 2020 Heartland Mallard M33. Let me start by saying I'm RV stupid, for the most part. This is my first RV, and the electrical components are where I'm struggling. When not plugged in, I understand it runs off battery, and not all things work. It seems my lights and slides are...
  3. M

    Newbie Mistake

    First time camper owner here. My wife and I bought a 2020 Mallard M32 Last weekend. I borrowed a friends truck to get it home because mine is in the shop being fitted for towing the camper. I have towed trailers before but never one this large. I drove the hour and a half home with the trailer...
  4. MikeNHeidi

    Just bought a new Cyclone 4005

    I’ve been lurking on a lot of forums doing my research and wow... there is a lot of information and a lot of opinions! Anyway, we do our walk around/predelivery inspection Saturday. I have one of the list from another forum but wondered if there is anything specific that I should look for that...
  5. M

    Greetings! First time Owner

    Greetings from Anderson, S.C. I'm a first time owner of a used but GREAT 2011 Heartland mpg 185. I have finally got the two package put on my Ford F150 and packed most of the necessities that I have been told I need. I can't wait!!!!! I'll be leaving out in 4 days for a Springfield...
  6. J

    Just joined the Colorado Chapter

    My wife and I just purchased a North Trail TT and are excited to join this community. I grew up with a motorhome but this is all new to my wife. I look forward to reading all the tricks and tips from other members! Jason
  7. mike_mandy_hanson

    Newbies that have questions

    We are brand new to the TT world and are looking at purchasing our very first TT in a few weeks. We are looking at a 2009 North Trail by Heartland RV 31 ft Camper for $xxxx, and seller is willing to come down to $xxxx. What are the main things we should be looking for besides leaks and damage...
  8. A

    Questions about the TR31 QBBH

    My husband and I are interested in the 2014 TR 31 QBBH. I have read a few reviews and there seems to be a few problems with the microwave, plumbing and electrical work. I wanted to be sure from owners before I took the advise of just few bad reviews. The floor plan and price are in line with...
  9. M

    Potential Buyer Sundance 2880

    Hello, My husband and I are considering purchasing a Sundance 2880 and we would really like to see one in person before we start shopping seriously on the internet. We live in Northwestern Wyoming and the nearest deal with one in stock seems to be Butte, MT which is about 6 hours away. If...
  10. G

    Just inking the deal on soon-to-be ours: 2011 North Trail 21fbs

    The boyfriend and I have been intensely searching and researching the right RV for our entry level selves. His family is experienced with RV lifestyle and I have never been inside one before meeting him... WHAT A NEW AND AWESOME WORLD!!! We found a terrific deal on a North Trail 21fbs - which...
  11. B

    2014 37QB Question

    Looking to live full time in a 37QB in Key West, FL. Was hoping a current owner might be so kind as to measure the depth of the storage/cabinets in the bunk room. Starting to downsize and pack and want to make sure I wind up with the right size bins! Thanks for indulging this newbie! :)
  12. G

    New Prowler owner saying Hi

    Hi all, My hubby and I just bought our first travel trailer, a Prowler, and we're super excited to get on the road. That will happen in a couple of weeks. In the meantime, we've done our trailer walk-thru and are just waiting for some do-dads to be added to the trailer and then we can hit the...
  13. N

    Newbie wanting to buy an mpg 181

    Hi, First, I'm so grateful to everyone for all of the helpful information on this forum! You guys are great! I'm almost sure I want to buy an mpg 181. I don't care which year; I'd obviously like the best condition possible. They are really hard to locate. I'm 100% new to this and I've only...
  14. S

    Is a 2010 silverado 2500HD crew cab 6.0L ok to pull a Sundance 3300CK?

    New to a 5th wheel. Will my 2010 Chev 2500HD crew cab with 6.0L gasser be ok to pull a 2011 Sundance 3300CK? Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.....Jeff
  15. C

    Newbie Super Glide Question

    We have a SuperGlide 18k with the quick connect plate. We have lost the nylon block for the connect plate and are having problems make hitching the 5th wheeler. Our options are to order another nylon block, weld the connect plate on or bolt the connect plate to the 5th wheeler. My husband...
  16. W

    More Newbie Questions

    Hopefully the last 2 questions(don't really believe that)- 1) Does the Big Horn have a rubber roof or a hard roof? If a rubber roof, has anyone had any problems with the roof tear due to tree limbs. 2) How many gray water tanks are there? 1 or 2? If 2, why, what goes into which one and what...
  17. J

    Hot Water Heater Question for Newbie

    I recently purchased a NorthTrail 31QBS (first TT) and have a few questions regarding the Hot Water Heater. Can't remember everything that the dealer showed me during the walk-through. How do you get water into the hot water heater tank? Should the bypass WH be on or off if using...
  18. K

    Newbie diesel vs. gas question

    Hey all, I've been reading the posts and articles about diesel vs. gas TV's. I need to come up with one in the near future. Not trying to step on anyone's toes, but let me share my diesel thoughts, and get your opinions: Diesel - pro - 25-30% more mpg con - Diesel is consistently 25-30%...
  19. O

    Newbie winterizing question

    Winterizing: Is it really so simple? Do I understand this correctly? Drain all tanks, and fill with anti-freeze? Well, I guess not "fill", but pour anti-freeze down the sink and toilet enough to fill the P-traps, and drain from there? Thanks ahead of time. You guys are the best, and I...
  20. B

    newbie 31qbs H water bypass?

    Hi all, We are brand new TT owners. We were not shown how to by pass the hot water heater on our 2009 31qbs,when we picked it up in June. We are thinking of winterizing the new toy soon after going camping next weekend. I am not sure how to access the by pass valve. Any help would be great...
  21. S

    Resale Values M18 7 Other Newbie Questions

    My wife and I went to a dealer and looked at the M18. So we have a few questions 1) Potential Resale value if upgrading in the future? 2) Weight Limit of upper bunk over queen can it be reinforced? 3) Why buy this over an ECO RV 718QB or Jayco Feather Sport. 4) Paint worth the cost? 5)...
  22. N

    Newbie Just purchased Northtrail 28BHS

    Hi all. Just joined the Forum tonight. Had my new trailer delivered yesterday. Heading out Sat. Have camped in a Pop Up the past 4 yrs. Can't wait. Would love to hear from ya all.
  23. M

    Newbie Here from Canada

    Hi, I just got my 4th trailer in 6 years and this time it is one we are keeping. Its a 41 RBQB Cedar Ridge and its pretty much a house for the size of it. My wife and I, have enjoyed it for our 2 nd weekend up to date and cant ask for more. We had our first bad experience this w/e...but will...
  24. 9

    Newbie to try Full-Timing

    Hey Everyone, My wife and I (newly weds) are thinking about fulltiming. We are only 25 years old and currently we live in PA. I've been working for a Defense contractor for 3 years now and their may be an opportunity to work in Baltimore, MD for a few years. This post is going to be fairly...
  25. K

    Camping stuff to help a newbie

    We will be picking up our new cyclone 3950 next week. We have never owned a RV and are totally clueless.:confused: What are some things we will need or want that the dealer doesn't provide or tell you? Our salesman says it will have everything we need to get started. But I know that has to...
  26. R

    newbie with Edge

    My wife and I just completed our first weekend camping trip with the Edge M21. It is small but still much larger than our tent. We have tent camped of off our motorcycle for years so some different. We will test the air mattress from tent camping next trip as the factory mattress is very hard...
  27. M

    Newbie here

    My wife and I are considering the North Country 27BHS*. I have tried to figure out the weight/maximum towing with % margins and have only gotten more confused. The Dry weight for the North Country 27BHS is listed as 6,716 lbs. and a hitch weight of 751 lbs. The GVWR is 10,400 lbs...
  28. P

    Newbie question about water heater in off season

    We do not camp between May and November but use the FW as an extra bedroom. Then the black tank is hooked up to the septic system but we have no need for hot water. Do we drain (it is already turned off) the hot water heater and PUT it in BYPASS? thanks Pat
  29. P

    A newbie question about warranties

    This will be our 2nd rv and bouncing around here I have a concern about warranties. Our current FW is a Forest River and at closing the dealer offered us a Forest River bumper to bumper warranty for the second year at a cost of $100. The first year was included in the purchase price. It was a...
  30. R


    Hello, I am new to RVing and trying to get my feet wet. I spent several days on the computer researching manufacturers, makes, models, and floor plan. After a full day on the lot, we decided on the Big Country 3550 TSL. I have a few things to learn and practice before I take her on the road...
  31. DW_Gray

    Hello from a new RVer and Cyclone owner.

    Hello, Well this is my first post and I'm sure it won't be my last. I've enjoyed reading the info here and there is lot more to learn. I'm about to fulfill a dream to take a year long cross country trip in 2009. I hope to leave by March. This is what my late wife and I had planned to do after I...
  32. Matthias

    Newbie winter fulltiming questions

    Hi everyone, now that it's getting colder even here in Phoenix and my first winter full-timing experience lies ahead, I was wondering where I can find advice as to what to look out for. Some questions that come to mind are: What about the hose that connects my trailer to city water when...
  33. R

    Newbie 4012 wants to install satellite

    Just bought a Cyclone 4012 and need to know what is the best way to hook up a roof mount satellite. Is there a splitter hidden in the roof/ceiling? I'm a newbie to the Heartland forum, been rving for 10yrs.

    Newbie North Trail Owners

    Well we took the plung ! as of 5/24/08 we are the Proud Owners of a 21FBS North Trial. After Hours of research and Driving to many dealers we purchased our BABYNone From BEST BUY RVS in Richmond In. I found the one we wanted online, called Jeff Fontaine and told him the price we would pay for...