2007 Dodge Ram

Bobby A

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Dodge Mega Cab 4/4 2007. I have a couple questions but I will ask for input one at a time. First let me start off by saying I love my Ram !! I ordered the truck back in 07, never no accidents. My issue is, it sees to eat up ball joints every couple years. Most of the time its right and left upper and lower. This time its drivers side upper and lower, just under 2 years from last install and just over 10K miles, little to no towing the rig. I have the moog ball joints with the grease fittings. Any help why my truck likes to eat ball joints and what can I do other than park the truck Has anyone else with Rams have this issue ??. I appreciate any input. Thank you.


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Not knocking your truck or Dodge , but from my experience with friends who have or have had Dodges,this seems to be a regular issue.Friends of mine have replaced ball joints and other front end parts every other year.
All the big 3 have issues but this seems to be Dodges headache.


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When I had the 2008 3500 dually, I had to replace the ball joints twice over 9 years. The second time we went with the heaviest set the shop could get for me, and these lasted from 2015 till we traded it for the 2017.
On the 2017 3500 dually, the issue was the drag link coming loose, and it effected the ball joints. So, the ball joints on this dually has been replaced once since we have bought it in August 2017.