2022 BH280 - Panel Separation


Curious to get everyone's thoughts on this. I have a Heartland 2022 BH280 that is just under a year old and thankfully still under warranty. The rig has maybe 5k miles on it, East Coast U.S., and hasn't been hit or suffered any direct impact. I do have a warranty claim opened with the place I purchased it, who is also processing it with Heartland. In the meantime, I was curious to get feedback.

My last time out in July, upon arriving to our destination I noticed the interior panels, on both sides, in the front bedroom were separating at the seams. The panel also pulled away at the front entry door, which looked like failure of the nail fasteners. On the way back home, the separation got more pronounced. In addition, when driving at highway speeds, I can see the drivers side exterior aluminum panels bowing outward -- could that be a simple air leak, or an indication of something more major going on? Part of me thinks these things might be related, but not sure if anyone has seen this. The attached pics are tough to do it justice, but it at least provides a visual.

Like I mentioned, this should be covered under warranty, but was curious if anyone has seen this before. I'd like to know how long I'm going to be without my rig while repairs are done.


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Along with the possibilities you mentioned, I would be worried about cracked/broken frame welds or other frame manufacturing damage. Stay on top of this, make sure that the dealer has done what they said in contacting Heartland (there are many warranty stories out there about Heartland never really being contacted by the dealer service department). I would call Heartland myself with your VIN number, see if a claim is truly in process, get the e-mail address of who you talk to at Heartland, and e-mail them your photos.


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That seems like a lot of movement in those panels. We traveled to Alaska this summer and I do have one panel that seems to have had its staples shaken out, same thing with the other family we were traveling with. My main concern is that you are seeing panels separate and something bowing while towing. Fingers crossed it’s nothing, but let us know how things go!

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