Any one Interested from N.B. ?


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I suppose if I knew what N.B. is, I might have been interested. I may still be interested, but I'm not sure...:D


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I am here in NB
Just bought a new Big Country and still waiting for delivery. I was told wednesday it would be Aug 31st by the time they prep my unit. To Think that I could have ordered one to my specs and have delivery in 6 weeks. Its a shame but I surely am trying to put my foot in it again today.


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Just spend the last week in our new BC along the Saint John River, Now back home and enjoing the Back Home Blue Grass Festival in Rogersville.


Hello from another New Brunswicker!!

We have just purchase a 2011 MPG 185 and went on our first adventure with our two schnauzers (Max and Izzy) last weekend to Hopewell Rocks and then on to Cape Enrage on the Fundy Coast. The scenery was amazing! We are off to Hartt Island RV Resort in Fredericton New Brunswick this weekend.

John and Kathy Gillis
Fredericton, NB Canada


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Nice place the heartislan CG.
We have spend most of the summer in the home town.
We were in Shediac, Sussex, Fredicton.

We are now still in the unit and getting ready to travel south for the winter.

My Grand Daughter is Ill and when things clear up we are going hopefully before the snowfall.


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We spent a week at the campground in St. Andrews New brunswick which is just down along the border of the great state of Maine.
we had the Sundance parked in so that the rear picture window was facing the ocean and enjoyed the sunsets with our glass of wine in hand.
As a fellow Heartlander reminds me " LIFE IS GOOD" when we are camping and I agree.
We really enjoyed meeting the friendly folks of New Brunswick along the way this summer
Keep on Kamping


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Well you were traveling this summer.

We are trying to make it to the west coast, but there is always something holding us on the east side.

We don't have the mountains but we do have the wonderfull colors, and the warmest oceans north of Virginia.