Back Pain - need help for the truck seat.


I'm 65 years old and had back surgery 10 years ago. Now the back is acting up again. I've tried phy therapy with little help. Probably looking at more surgery down the road. What I'm asking is, has anyone added something to their truck seat that helps with back pain? I've seen those "wood bead" things but I don't know if they work. My seat is leather, heated with lumbar support, but still after about 2 hours of driving the nerves in the legs start to hurt. If you use something that helps, please respond. Thanks

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I have been using a Obus Form for years with good success. It is a Canadian company but check the internet or ask at a local pharmacy.


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I happen to be recovering from 3 back surgeries, including 2 fusions. There are many other Heartland owners in your situation as well, so there are probably a few threads discussing this issue that u might check out.Bottom line, u have a few options, from back braces to air ride seats including air compressors like truck drivers use for comfort. That along with alterations to your truck and/or RV suspension, including hitches like the TS3 Hensley air bag model, overload springs for truck, independent suspension for the RV, basically depending on how much your willing to invest for your comfort.Feel free to email me for further discussion. U can also follow my recovery trials and tribulations on a separate non-RV thread in this very supportive Heartland forum titled "larryheadhunter is being operated on". Over 11,000 views and many wonderful comments. Remember you are not alone, Larry, this owner group are a unique family who watch out for each other.Good luck.


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Sorry to hear of your back problems. At 67 I've had my share of back pain. It's a difficult question to answer. What works for one may not work for another. Just last spring we purchased a 2010 F-150 and it came with no leather seats but we had it added as an option. The first few weeks I drove it without the leather and I could tell that the back was in a bit of discomfort. When the leather was added it made all the difference. I'm not saying it was just the leather but the added support and cushion did help. Now with 19,000 miles on the truck the back is fine. Here's one other bit of info that I found interesting. Years ago (25) I had a real problem with the back and as a last resort I went to a Chiropractor. He gave me a treatment then asked me what I was doing following the injury. I told him heat. He explained that when a back is injured there's swelling and heat adds to the discomfort by opening blood vessels and increasing pressure on the nerves. That made perfect sense to me. He said always put ice on it for the first 24-48 hours (15 minutes on then 1-hour off). Keep the swelling down then after a few days heat is OK. That's what I've done for the last 40 years and I'm sure it reduces the healing time and speeds relief. Advil to reduce inflammation is a given. Back exercises and stretching also help a great deal. I've also kept track of what bothers my back and when possible tried to avoid those activities. I don't play tennis, bowl, or any other left handed twisting activity. I golf some but I do that right handed (I used my Dads right handed clubs cause I didn't have my own) and that never bothers my back. If I have to push a broom or rake leaves I do it right handed part of the time to reduce back pain from doing it left handed. Of course taking breaks while driving is a given.

I'm no doctor but these things have helped me reduce my injuries and it keeps the pain to tolerable levels. I've also vowed never to go under the knife for back surgery. I have not heard of to many success stories but then I've not heard them all.

You may be doing some or all of these things but it's what has worked for me so far. Best of luck with your problem.



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Larry,Based on what TeeJay said, maybe this makes a case for a Ford for you as I think they offer an air conditioned seat. Not quite an ice back but better than nothing at all.


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Sorry to hear that the back is giving you problems. That is never any fun. I've had pinched nerve, lower back problems and nerve issues down the legs for 25 years. On my last bout, my PT person suggested when on the road, I roll up a towel and tape it at the ends, then put it in my lower back area to add support along with my seat lumbar support. The length of the towel will determine the size of the roll and thickness of support. You'll have to play around to see what works best for you. Good luck with finding what works.


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Larry, having the lumbar seat is a help for my back. But, I also change the setting on the backrest part of the seat and move the seat forward or back once in a while. Moving the seat around will help with the angle of your legs and can reduce the pressure on your lower back. The seat heater helps at times also.


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Well, as we get older the body seems to complain. I have battled lower back pain for many years and the one thing I can attest to is.... The bigger my gut, the more pain I will have. At 6'2'' and 185 pounds, I am in pretty good shape ( certainly no six pack abs! ), but when I put on a few pounds it goes straight to the gut and I definately notice an increase in lower back pain issues. For the most part my best preventative measures are to watch my weight and try to do some routine "core" excercises. As to back surgeries, my wife had lower spinal fusion about 3 years ago. The doctor said she was a very good candidate in that the area was very low in the spine (the 3 vertebrates above the coxic), her age, general body health and condition. The surgery was deemed a success by the doctors, but she is no better off than before. If she knew then what she knows now, she would never have had the surgery. I also find that when traveling, we will stop about every 150 miles to do whatever needs to be done and walk around for a bit and stretch. We are rarely in a hurry and this gives us and the dog a chance to relax and enjoy the journey! Good luck!


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It looks like you have the same truck we do. We have the leather seats with heat and the movable air lumbar support. I adjust that support to different levels and positions every so often. I adjust the seat position and recline too. Basically I try not to stay in one position too long. I use ice while on the road and when we stop for the day.This works for me. I haven't found anything that works better than these truck seats for me, but I haven't had to look further. Please post if you find something that works for you. There are a lot of us interested in this topic.Kristy


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Having had two herniated discs worked on almost 17 years ago (I'm now 62), I can attest to the need to keep the weight down and the core muscles in shape. My surgeon told me if I maintained the shape I was in when he worked on me, I would have no problems. Guess he was right.

But, even without the back pain, when I've been driving for 2 hours or so, I get aches in the backs of my legs just from sitting so long. That's what they make rest areas for. Stop and take a little walk.


I appreciate all your replies. The back is getting a little better, guess the PT is helping. Also, we just replaced our mattress and boy can I tell a difference. I'll know more when we travel this weekend. Thanks

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