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We do the same thing. Sharing Pizza is mighty neighborly. I make a pulled pork BBQ pizza that turns out great on our smoker.


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I know that this is "Pizza Sacrilege", but for the folks who just want to have a little pizza (single dieter like me?), and don't want too much bother, something reasonably affordable, and still tasty, I recommend the Walmart Great Value individual sized (5-1/2") frozen pizzas. They are thick crust. I like the Supreme variety to get some veggies, and they come in a 4 pack box for around $4. They cook up GREAT in my air fryer in 8-9 minutes. That and a small salad is a good meal.

BTW, I have found 2 brands of 0 calorie salad dressings at Walmart - Walden Farms and Skinny Girl brands. One Vitamin shop chain - The Vitamin Shoppe - around here has a more complete line of all the Walden Farms stuff (including their Blueberry Syrup that I use on Blueberry Waffles) for prices lower than you can find on the internet.


I once made a frozen pizza over a fire on the beach... with no grill! We laid like 5 or 6 beer bottles on their sides over the coals and folded the pizza into a pizone and laid it on top...flipped it after awhile...and had one of the tastiest pizza creations of my life, only broke one bottle while cooking.

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