Can Toy Hauler Happijac Upper Bunk Be Lowered


We have a Cyclone. The lower happijac bed is not comfortable to sleep on and has to be completely redone from the sofa option into the bed ption. However the upper bed can be kept with bedding in place and is more comfortable to sleep on. But we hate to have 60+ year old guests crawling into the upper happijac bed using a ladder.

Has anyone taken out the metal plate stops to allow the upper bed to simply rest on the lower bed to sleep in at night? Will the lower bed, with its legs down safely support the upper bed?

That way bedding can remain in place and it will be safer to get out of the “lowered” upper bed at night. Any comments would be appreciated.
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In my Torque, there are different elvels in which you can move the stops to adjsut the height, not sure how low you can go with that adjustment. If the weight capacity of the lower is within spec of the people sleeping o nthe upper bed and the approx weight of it I do not see there being and issue other than possible damage to the lower coach material.


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I had a 2013 Road Warrior. My oldest boy was in a wheelchair - so we altered the bunk levels for easier management of his needs. If you look directly into the tracks on the wall, you'll see the stop plates. You can move them as desired - but biggest challenge is making sure they are aligned when repositioning them. You may also have to drill out the holes a bit.


I called Lippert owned HappiJac. They informed me that the track plates, holding the upper bunk can be removed. The upper bunk then can rest on the lower bunk. The leg supports on the lower bunk should be in the lowered position for better stability.

That gives the lower bunk a much lower position and a ladder does not have to be used to get into the upper bunk.


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I took a slightly different path to addressing the comfort of the lower bunk - I purchased a mattress that I store on the top bunk and move to the lower bunk when it is setup to sleep. I replaced the mattress in the upper bunk as well as it was getting old.
But I'm glad you were able to find a solution that met your needs.