Easy, Thrifty, Low Calorie Coleslaw with all Walmart ingredients


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I am a single widower fulltimer who likes to pay attention to getting some vegetables into my menus for those simple meals like hot dogs, pizza, baked battered fish, etc. I came up with this easy mix of items from Walmart that you can adjust the amounts to your taste.

Head of cabbage (about $2, makes this dish about 5 times for me)
Bunch of Carrots (your option, about $1)
Great Value Low Calorie Ranch Salad dressing (about $2)
Powdered sweetener ( I use Stevia instead of sugar)

I cut a slice off the cabbage head thick enough for the amount I want to make (depends where on the round cabbage head you cut for how much you get)
Here you can either knife cut the cabbage down to the size of pieces you want for eating, or I have a small tabletop Ninja mini food processor to pulse the cabbage down to a fine size.

The same as the above slicing options also applies for the carrots. 1 medium carrot is good for the the size portion I make.

Combine the chopped cabbage and chopped carrots in your serving bowl, mix and spread the mixture out, sprinkle with your preferred sweetener to taste. Then pour some of the Low Calorie Ranch over the top of the combined ingredients, and stir it all up.