EVENT: Heartland Owners Meet-n-Greet: CO, Centennial - 2/3/2018 to 2/3/2018

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Retired Colorado Chapter Leaders


  • From: 2/3/2018 to: 2/3/2018
  • Number of sites held:
  • Register by end of day 1/31/2018
  • Site fee: $ per night.
  • Club Member Event fee:
  • Non-Heartland Brand fee:
  • Potluck: No
  • Potluck date:
  • Potluck time:


Additional Info:
Our 2nd M & G is at the Parkway Meadows Rock Bottom Brewery on 2/3/2018 at 1:00 PM. Please RSVP by Jan. 31 as they need to know our number of attendees to see if we will have a private room or general reservations. Hope to see you there, weather permitting.

Gregg & Linda
Don & Monica
Tom & Carla
John D
Steve & Sandy
Carl & Ginger
Jan & Brian
Tom & Michelle
Bill & Deanna
Darren & Pam
Steve & Susan
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Count me in!

I have to teach a class in the morning, so should be there by 1:30 at the latest!

Luckily I work right across the street from Rock Bottom!


Tom and Michelle will be there. It will be our first meet and greet and we just joined the Heartland Owner's Group.


Retired Colorado Chapter Leaders
Good to see many of you will make it. The weather looks like it will cooperate and we look forward to seeing everyone.

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