Favorite Cookware brand?


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HI Everyone;
I am needing new cookware for the RV. I have been using Farberware but it doesn't seem heavy enough as things burn quite easily. I don't need a complete set of cookware, a couple of saucepans and a dutch oven will do for me.
Anyone have a favorite brand they use in their RV? Thank you so much for your input. Sheri


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We have an induction hot plate in the RV and an induction range in the house. FWIW the best we have found is Copper Chef. Food just doesn't stick. I'm reasonably certain it would be the same on a gas range. YMMV.


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The wifey likes Rachael Ray cookware... We are on our 2nd set in the house. The 1st set got put in the toyhauler. She has also been eyeing the Pioneer Woman brand, but hasn't pulled the trigger yet.


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We always use faberware. They have different grades, or levels of quality. We go for a very heavy, solid body that has held up solid for many years.