First Impression


So I've had my 21RBSS for a couple weks now. So far everything I've found is VERY minor (my camper was built on a tuesday). I had to connect heater ducts that were not connevted from the facory, taped up the inside of the ac unit to get better flow through ducts, caulked the shower where they missed and reinstalled the shower trim that backwrads, pulled the coax connector out and had to tighten the connectors to get TV recpetion and reinstalled trim with my brad nailer that was loose. I'm very thankful I haven't found any water leaks. It's rained pretty hard and found no leaks with the slide out or in. I've ran every system in the camper and they all work flawlessly. Overall I'm very happy with the overall quality in my camper. I've been camping out in the driveway nealy everyday and night and it's performed great (better to find broken things in my driveway vs out when I'm camping). So great job to Heartland so far in quality.