Heartland Lithium - Generator fitment question


I didn't purchase a generator when I purchased my Lithium 2414. Wishing now I had.
Does anyone have a recommendation for a generator that will fit into the compartment or know the make and model used.


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I don't see anything on the product web page that mentions the size of generator that will fit the prepped space. I suggest you call Heartland (877-262-8032) and ask for Dustin Swindeman. Dustin will be able to advise you on the generator.


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If you have a 50 amp electrical service, the optional generator from Heartland would likely be an Onan 5500 generator. If 30 amp, it might be an Onan 4000. To find out for sure, you could call Heartland Customer Service at 877-262-8032 / 574-262-8030. Have your VIN # ready.

If the generator fuel station and pump are already installed, to install the generator, you'd principally be dealing with a bit of wiring and installation of exhaust pipe.

Another way to go would be to get a standalone generator (inverter type) that the shore power cord can be plugged into.


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I spoke to Dustin Swindeman. He confirmed, as Dan Mayer figured, that if your coach has 50 amp service, the Gen Prep will be for 5500 watt gen and if you have a 30 amp service, the Gen Prep will be for a 4000 watt gen. The difference in the coach will be the transfer switch.

In either case, the coach will have a fuel center and a 20 gallon gasoline fuel cell on board.