Heat trace lines to keep water lines from freezing


Hello new to forum I have a RG28 pioneer
we use our trailer mostly year round and living in northern Ontario freezing of water lines is common on trips
I have a 8500 watt generator, so power is not the problem.
Has anyone installed hear trace cables on their water lines, pros and cons, before I get into this project


Staff member
I used to go on extended ski trips in the Colorado mountains with temps down to -30 (F). One of the things I did was to add heat tape with insulation to almost every water line. That ended the kitchen line freezes and when it got really cold the bathroom sink and shower freezes.

But the best thing I ever did was to install 3/4" foamboard as a mini-skirt under the plumbing areas with a smart ceramic disc heater 1" off the ground inside the enclosure. It kept the underbelly plumbing areas at 70 (F) all the time.

For more tips and techniques, take a look at our owner-written Water Systems Winter Usage Guide.