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Hi all, Chad and Alisa here, we're new owners of a Milestone 386BH just getting home from a cannonball-run to Knoxville TN to pick it up this weekend. Looking forward to connecting with you all.


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Howdy Chad and Alisa, from Texas! Well actually Creede CO for the summer.



I just purchased a year old 386BH for me and my family (10 kids, so we're kind of pushing its limits...). Your YouTube and posts here have been really informative. I'm hoping to find a way to get a solar installed, but we'll see when I can afford it!
In reading the posts here I think I saw you have a Ram 2500...is that what you are pulling this trailer with? If so, how does it feel? I have a 2020 2500 with the 4.10 rear end, but have the Hemi not the diesel, so have a higher payload capacity...even though it fits under all the limits, it is pretty close. Anyway, I'd love to hear if you're pulling it with your Ram or you have a different truck to pull this. Thanks!


Ben Kjendal


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Hi Ben. Yes, we tow with a 2500 and it's been pretty good. I did add the "Airlift Loadlifter 5000 Ultimate Plus" air bag kit which definitely improved the handling, so i highly recommend that or similar. We do have the diesel but I think for me it's less about power than braking. The Ram 2500 has good brakes but not massive ones. Your situation may be different depending on your location, but we're in Colorado. Long downhill glides on I-70 and other roads are a dream in a diesel with engine braking, I have so much more confidence with that setup.

With respect to the limits I definitely recommend travelling with empty tanks. Especially in the 386BH you have enormous tank capacity compared to smaller campers. You can add almost 2000lbs if your fresh and grey tanks are all full. And the huge fridge is no slouch either.

The choice of the RAM for us as a family was more about the Mega Cab than anything else. Our kids are in their teens and they're all very tall - one is already 6'1! The Mega Cab has more legroom than anything else we looked at, and that really clinched the deal.

As for the bed, I have a Curt 16k slider hitch and it's fine. I rarely use the slider feature - the 386BH is nicely curved so I can jackknife to about 70 degrees without a problem. But it's nice to have the extra range if I need it.

Let me know if you have any other questions, happy to help brainstorm.