How to fix slide topper sag?


Hi all. I installed new Solera slide toppers on our Milestone 3 months ago. The two smaller slides have been great, but the toppers on the 10ish foot kitchen slide and the 12 foot living room slide both collect a ton of water every time it rains. I used the factory recommended pitch and tension, so I’m not quite sure where to go from here. After I remove the pooled water, the edges of the toppers are tight, but a sag remains in the middle. Is there something I can do to address it, or am I stuck with saggy toppers? Sincerely, Saggy Toppers

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I had the same problem with a long slide awning, I solved it by installing a Dometic Slide Awning Cradle. Also Lippert makes a Slide Awning Cradle. If the center of the awning tube is closer to slide wall than at the end of the awning tube then these parts will solve the sagging issue.


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Had the same problem on the 3670 kitchen awning. Made a support rod system from 1” PVC to slide under it.

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After period of time the y all seem to have this issue. This center bearing helps keep the longer toppers taught, but in my case wasnt a for sure cure. Mine was to the point where I was tempted to install some PVC structures, or I have seen they some air bags versions out there now. You insert them and blow them up between the slide roof and the underside of the topper.


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