My wife and I just recently bought a 2012 Heartland Bighorn 3070RL.
According to the manufacturer's brochure, the walls are R9 the roof is R23 and the floor is R27.

We have friends who have a 2022 Durango, and the walls are R13 and both the roof and the ceiling are R34. Their fifth wheel is very comfortable even at 100° with both AC's on.

Are concern is that the insulation in our 2012 will not be adequate?
Can some of you folks out there with the same vintage bighorns let me know if your camper is truly an all seasons camper.
Thanks Terry.


We have had our 2011 Bighorn 3055RL for a year now. We live up here in the Rockies. Last fall while camping in the mountains it got down to 5° in the mornings and the heater had no trouble keeping it warm inside the Trailer. I haven't had much use for the air conditioner yet, but the heater works great. I think the newer fifth-wheels have 3 inch thick walls where as the walls of mine are around 2 inches thick.

That's my experience for what it's worth
Terry R.


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The heat losses from cracks in slide openings, single pane windows, plastic vent covers, etc, are huge. If you are stationary, you can add insulated skirting, which is a big help. You can put aluminum bubble insulation on the windows, but that really makes it feel cave-like. Keep the air moving with fans.


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I think the manufactures can manipulate the brochure information to just about anything they want for marketing hype. Fact is pretty much all of the higher end fifth wheels Rvs are built with laminated type walls, floors , roofs etc. All use block foam in the walls for insulation. Some include the foil insulation as well, which is where they add R value. Between the fact the slides have wipers, not seals and single pane windows, it going to be a hot box in the 100 degree heat. Find a very shaded spot to park, and it might be tolerable.