Landmark 365 bedroom mirror frame


The frame around our bedroom (TV) mirror broke. Anyone else experience this? Don’t know if I should try to repair, buy one from Heartland, or have a local shop build me a new one.
Thanks in advance!!


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If the separated ends are broken cleanly and no missing chunks, you might be able to glue it back together, using Titebond III wood glue. That’s assuming it actually is wood and not some imitation.

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Thank you. Unfortunately, it’s not real wood, but some sort of composite crap. I have thought about gluing it back together and having the questionable piece at the top.


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I would think getting one made for be a better choice. If you order one from Heartland, you will get the same material.
A nice wooden one would look great.
Now this may sound a little strange, but why not look at a picture frame shop for a replacement. Take the old frame and TV to show how it would be used/go together.
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That is the exact place that My wife said to take it. We have one not far from here, so the next time I go to the store, I’ll probably just take it over there and see what they can do. Thank you.


I just returned from Michael’s, the frame will be $175 and they told me to wait until they are on sale and they usually go on sale at 70% off. Meanwhile, since I have time, I’m gonna take the glass out see if I can’t fix this frame it will still be operable and I’ll have the broken piece at the top just to help keep the way to the glass off and I will reinforce the entire frame.


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We have learned that even with 70% off at Michaels, their price is higher than the local mom and pops frame service. Try looking a little harder for a local framing company if you want to save some cash.
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