Lock replacement on exterior storage

Anyone having issues with exterior locks on storage compartments? Is it best to replace them with the same factory style lock or use something else?


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I'm sure several will chime in and tout RVLocks...love ours!

Yep, another vote for RVLocks. We replaced all our locks, entry doors and compartments, and now everything is keyed alike with only 1 key for the whole rig!


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RVLock, LLC! They truly stand behind their products. I had a 4-year-old lock quit working in freezing weather, so I figured it might be due to batteries dying in the cold. Nope, batteries didn’t solve it. I texted with RVLock on Facebook, and they recommended me swap the control module with another door lock, to see if it was the control module or the keypad. Turns out it was the keypad. They sent me the part to replace it — it took about 30 minutes to pull the lock, then remove an adhesive gasket to uncover the screws to take out the keypad control board. Swap the new one in, put in the new gasket and Yay! Back in business!!







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