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I need help with my location. The forum says that we are in Idaho and our address is in Maryland. How do I fix this?

Thanks, Mike


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Let me see if I can help...

First, click TOOLS at top of forum page...

then click on HOP-Heartland Owners Postition,

Next, click on "your entry" at top of that page.

You will see a page with a map containing lots of "pushpins".

The FIRST thing you need to do is to check the box at the BOTTOM of this page that says "delete marker information" (you MUST do this each time you change info).

Next go back to top and change the "location title" and the "marker text", by simply typing in the new information.

Lastly, using the mouse, drag the map to your current location and "zoom" in until you are on your current location spot...once you see your spot on the the Mouse ONCE and a red "pushpin" will appear...then simply click on "update information" button under map...

Hope this helps.:)


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1. go to "my location"


2. On the header click "your entry"


3 Check the "delete your entry" and click update info.


Then set a new marker in the correct spot.


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Thanks for the info guys,I will try to update as for the spuds Gus, maybe we can go to a rally there sometime