Just joined the Forum today. Picking up our new Heartland Fuel 352 TH this Friday & will be using it to winter some in Florida and ride around while the snow flies in Indiana.


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Congratulations on the new rig join the owners club as we have lots of knowledgeable folks here and any questions can usually be answered within a day . Happy Camping......


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You should plan to do a complete your own Pre-Delivery Inspection. You can use the link below to download mine, or you can search the internet for another one.

This document will take you about 4 hours to complete (don't rush it) and will ensure you understand all the operations of the RV as well as having you inspect the RV. This will help you find all sorts of "gotcha" stuff that might not pop up until later down the road (ie...when your 100's of miles from an RV shop). No matter what the dealer says, their PDI will never cover everything.

Complete this PDI and get dealer to fix all issue before paying for trailer...that way the dealer is very motivated to finish.

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Welcome to the forum and Heartland family. Congrats on your new upcoming rig. Save yourself a lot of aggravation and take your time really going over the rig when you pick it up. They should have it hooked to shore power and water as well. Have them go over every thing with you and look for issues such as leaks under sing, loose connections, faulty switches, etc. Better to catch it now than to find it later. By doing la good inspection now and eliminating the issues, you don't have to be like some who post back complaining of their rig's issues they should have caught at the dealer.
Enjoy your new rig and hope to meet you down the road.


Congrats! I am a new owner as well with a 2019 Cyclone 4005 Toy Hauler. Love it so far. This is my first rv if any kind as well so it’s quite the learning experience. The DW (Dear Wife - I’m just figuring out all of these guys acronyms lol) took videos on her phone as the dealership taught us how to do the more complicated stuff. It’s already come in handy.

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