PT/INR Home Testing for Medicare Warfarin users


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Just a FYI that medicare will provide a PT/INR home meter for self testing if you are on Warfarin/Coumadin and meet certain conditions.

I had a bilateral pulmonary embolism two years ago as a result of deep vein thrombosis in my right leg[FONT=arial, sans-serif], and was within hours of check out when I arrived at the ER. They had mistreated me for [/FONT]pneumonia for ten days.

Having my own meter, the freedom to travel and do a self test every two weeks is nice. I report my results to a company call Alere with smart phone application and they pass the results to my clinic. All supplies are also provided by medicare and reordered via the smart phone app.


Jim Posz

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Thanks for the information. I was not aware that they made DIY testing devices for this. We took a 15 week trip to Alaska in 2014 and it was a real pain to look up labs along the way. I will look into this.


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I have the home test kit thru Kaiser in CA. If you have insurance other than medicare, you might check with them also.