Bought a heartland prowler last week and received a call from the dealer telling me there is a recall on my travel trailer. I called the Heartland warranties at 877-262-8032 and left a message because no one picked up. I then put in a written request for help on the heartland website and did not get a response today. I am new with this and wonder if I am doing something wrong. Is there another way to request help. My dealer is over 2 hours away. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you


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NHTSA will have info on recalls. I would try Heartland again also & have the last six numbers of your VIN handy when you call.


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Here is what I found on the Prowler:

I just finished the thread on the poor air conditioning wiring with IDC wire connectors. - One of the Prowler recalls is about electrical wiring.

For every 2022 - 2023 Heartland owner, my search of the NHTSA by Vehicle putting "2022 Heartland " gave a result with data for 17 Heartland models. You need to input this yourself from this webpage: first clicking on "Vehicle", then inputting "2022 Heartland" in the search bar.