Slide out adjustments


Had to replace part of the slide out plywood base due to rotting. Now it seems the slide out is out of adjustment from top to bottom. Bottom retracts completely in but top is still outstretched 3-4”. The slide has 2 pedestal bases but cannot find manufacture to get instructions on how to adjust; any experience out there? I contacted Lippert and they sent me instruction, but it’s not the right slide out; it appears to be an older model slide. My trailer is 2011 183



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You might want to check out our manuals and user guides located in the Tools button on the navigation bar at the top any page on this forum.
Or you can CLICK HERE to take you to the slide out page. Locate your type of slide and you should find instructions on adjustments.



To remove the slide out from the RV, the best way is to delete everything in that area so that deleting the entire slide is easier and more convenient. Put away your day bed, curtain, or anything else that weighs you down. This way, it's easier when you're outside and ready to take the slide off.