Tiny styrofoam balls


I’m looking at a 2013 Big Horn RV and in some of the ceiling lights there are tiny white Styrofoam balls. Is it possible a mouse got in the ceiling? Is this potentially very bad?


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I get some of those little foam beads in my ceiling lights all the time. I have no mice although mice could cause that issue.
I just remove the light lens and vacuum the foam beads.
Turn on the AC fan and sniff the air.
If you get the rig it would be a good idea to mouse proof it, seal every opening you can find.



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I would wonder if this was residual material from Styrofoam packaging/ protective material used in shipment from the light distributor/manufacturer to the Heartland plant. Maybe Heartland is using Styrofoam in the roof insulation package instead of the fiberglass batting they used before. Styrofoam is preferred for refrigerator/ice chest insulation, so it may insulate better than fiberglass batt.


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The roof in our ‘17 Bighorn and older units is insulated with extruded styrofoam. Built in July of 2016 we still get some beads in the lights after days of travel
It is what it is!


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Every time we move our rig, those little styro foam balls, and even chunks and saw dust fall out of the roof vents. Its leftover debris from when the roof system was built.
They suck at clean up. There was so much saw dust, debris, garbage, cutoff zip tie ends, etc. in the cabinetry, I had to get my shop vac in there.

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