To Heartland Designers


If you read this, let me first say that I love my 2750RL Wilderness! With very few exceptions, there is little that I would want to see changed. Those I would like to see are mostly inconveniences. Things like: 1) Move the tank monitor panel from the bathroom and place over the A/C thermostat. 2) Move the outside night light from behind the rear door. I would like the option of taking the shock off the door and open it all the way. With the light in it's current position, it will get crushed by the door. Also, with the door open, the light is blocked and does not light past the door to the steps. Adding a second light close to the front door would be nice. 3) make the front outside storage door on the left side the same size as the bigger one on the right. 4) Two large drawers, one on each side, under the dinette bench would be a nice added touch. 5) the wardrobe closet on each side of the bed needs to be slightly taller. The current height is not enough to place clothing on a hanger and allow the items to hang straight without bunching in the bottom.
6) Here is something that I would like to see on slightly re-designed 2750RL. I would like to see the sofa across the back where the chairs are currently located and the chairs where the sofa is. (I know in the current configuration when the sofa is in the bed position it will block the rear door)
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