We sold our ElkRidge


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Hello all,
Well yesterday was bittersweet. We sold our 2011 Elkridge, for several different reasons, we haven't been able to take it out on a trip for about 4 years, and decided it was time to get rid of it. We have really enjoyed our many trips with it, and the wonderful people we've met, and great friends we've made all over the country! It's kind of sad not having it anymore and having the freedom to take off at a moments notice for where ever. We'll miss the rallies...oh the rallies, and visiting with our many friends at the happy hours! It's been a heck of a ride!!!

With this in mind, since we no longer own a Heartland RV, we are withdrawing from the HOC. Hopefully we'll meet some of you down the road somewhere!

Roy & Sally Evans


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Roy and Sally, we've been missing the both of you for some time now.
Will miss you in the future.
Take care.



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Roy, were sorry to see you and Sally go but it is understandable. We did have some big fun the rallies, in the Rio Grande Valley, and making friends from coast to coast. Be safe my friend, and maybe we'll come up your way sometime or you come down ours.