Xantrex vs Magnum with Progressive


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Anyone have any comparisons of the Xantrex systems vs the Magnum with Progressive systems.

Total system with inverter charger, power managemeny, auto Gen start, and remote monitors/controlers.


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I can only speak for Magnum for it's durability and their customer service. My ME3100 is going on 9 years old. It is a MSW, but still runs all the electronics and residential fridge very well. My current AGS-N is not compatible with the ME-RC remote and does not network, but it does function as a stand alone unit. I will need to upgrade it to a later version to be compatible with the remote for full networking capability. Magnum offered to update the firmware for a modest fee, but I am waiting until I replace the ME-3100 for a MS series and upgrade the remote to a ME-ARC series. I have been very impressed with Magnum's customer service, even though I am the 2nd owner.