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Semi-retired Dental Equipment Tech.
Semi-retired American Civil War Reenactor, driver on artillery teams.

2003 Silverado, 6.6 Duramax, Allison 1000.
2012 Big Country 3595RE

Travel with Wife (Regina) sometimes son Thomas (Bob)


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Hello everyone!
I belong to @HPnMORE4J, and we fondly call this our "monstrosity". We are preparing to take our first trip with it this coming week and working hard, doing all of the things to get ready to go. Wish us luck!

Happy 4th! Stay safe!


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Had a window seal fail in the back of my dads 2012 - Big Country 3250 and now will have to replace the entire wall panel around the window. Any suggestions for where to look for panel matches?
Hello. I damaged my trailer over a month ago and the repair facility ordered the parts on May 3, 2021. I asked the repair shop for an update and found she was unable to get a phone call to Heartland. EVERY number I could find on the internet for Heartland RV was not working. I called Thor with not luck. Does anyone have another way to contact the parts department?
I know. Rob called and told Carol about it. She told him, she wasn't going to tell me cuz that's exactly what she is afraid of. I want to get down there but it may not be til the week after Christmas. Right now I don't have a whole lot of free time cuz I'm running so much between the North Pole and good boys and girls houses (notice I said good boys...that's why I haven't stopped by your house). Thanks for letting me know.
KEITH: You need to go by Ches RV Solutions (see Rob Conyers). They have the new San Antonio which has a king bed and a sock draw nightstand. You might be coming away with a new unit.
Cheers Ken been a while , this is Scott b from the forum. I need a bit of advice about trucking companys, and straight away I thought of you. I am thinking about getting my CDL, construction here in Ca has been terrible, and I have thought about going to one of these schools. I talked with a friend that suggested I look at Schnieder, or Swift ? he told me to stay away from Hunt and England. As a long timer in this business , what are your thoughts. Or can you reccomend someone else? What are the ups and downs about any of them . I know the first year I will be away from home quite a bit , but is there anything else I should know before I jump in head first I appreciate your wisdom , and any advice you may have to offer. I just turned 50 , and its a little scary to get into a new profession at this age , so I am trying to find out as much as I can . Thanks Scott
we are just in the final stages of buying a 2010 bighorn....manufacture date is 10/2008....are there any red flags we should know about
Hi Jim, I don't know if you will remember me but I work at the academy was Donna Hess now Donna Uphoff...Just bought a 3055 rl and joined the Owners club.
If you have any questions on Heartland products, please feel free to ask. If I do not have the answer, I will find it.
Hi ziggy,
Thanks for writing, Yes we love our Bighorn. We have same model as you do. Have you had any problems with your Bighorn? It seems to be built very well. As soon as we sell our home we plan to be full time rv'ers. My wife's name is Carol and I'm Gary,
Hope to talk tyo you again.