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Oh thanks very much. I'll definitely check those videos. I don't have a generator or inverter installed and don't plan on installing those. Do you know where the control box is that I install that into..think its somewhere in the bottom storage.

I know the 50 amp cord comes in the back..the fuse box is wondering where the control box is that this connects too.
I keep getting the message greater than 420 characters error. Transfer switch is in big storage compartment front door side. Remove storage compartment screwed center panels for access.
Ok. Thanks so much. Gonna have an electrician connect it for me..that way its under warranty
Heading out, possibly tomorrow.. if all goes right today. First time pulling in over 50 years.. we have scheduled about 287 miles total for the day> If your traveling 30 from Indiana to Ohio or vice versa.. wave :)
Hello all. New mallard 335 owner. I’m in central indiana and I’m curious when is a good time to dewinterize my camper?
We have been full timing since 2015. Recently moved back to Texas. Enjoying life at our son's place at Lake Brownwood in Texas.
Have a 2016 North Peak 26rl. We are looking for a 26tl would appreciate any advice or suggestions.
Thanks James
current status... still waiting for dealer to make all the warranty repairs forced on them because of loss of quality at the factory. :) It's been at the dealership more than at our house since we picked it up May 25, 2021
Hi My electric in half of my coach turns off then turns back on in a few minutes when it comes back on it makes a clicking sound in basement.
Hi everyone, I have a 2010 cyclone and I’ve been trying to find these rear flood lights and I can’t find them and I even contacted the manufacturer but they don’t have them, does anyone knows where I could get them or something similar that would work?

And I make a mista in my username it’s the happy campers not carpets 😁😁


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How can I update my "for sale" listing? I need to put pricing and contact information.


I can unlock your post to give you time for editing or you can give me the info that you would like added and I can update your post.

Mark-Roberta 051995
Mark-Roberta 051995
All inquiry's can be sent to:
Asking price $66,500 obo
Mark Pearson