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05-05-2006, 11:14 PM
We picked up our 06 model 3055RL the last of January o6. It was a cool day and air cond. was not needed, but it was running and the trailer was cool. Shortly after taking delivery and using the unit on a warm day, we noticed that the air volume from the a/c duct outlets was next to none. No way would the air cond keep the trailer cool with no air volume from the outlets. After discussion with service at dealership we returned for service. He made some modifications to unit and it now blows a little air from the vents, but still not enough to keep the unit cool. The air conditioner puts out cold air and if you open the vents on the unit itself, it blows a lot of air, but when you close it, you just don't get enough air from the outlets. I returned for service just Thursday, 5-4-06, with the a/c volume of air at the outlets as one of the major problems and they did not even attempt to repair or help air conditioner problem. They say they don't know of anything else to do. If anyone has a solution for low or not enough air volume, please let me know, or tell the factory. Someone has got to get on the ball and get these problems corrected. I know there are others with the same problem, so please let me know who you are and we can all start calling the factory. If the factory has a cure, maybe they could send a bulletin out to tell the service people what to do.

I have been in other units (different brand) with same air conditioner and ducted air and they do not have a problem with air volume. I checked out a couple of Landmarks that the dealer had hooked up and air running and they did not have the problem. The trailer we traded in had ducted air conditioner and did not have this problem. So why do we have the problem with a Bighorn?

Someone please help.

Ken Washington
05-06-2006, 08:34 AM
Hi Jim,
We had the same problem with our Grand Canyon. The factory had dealer install more vents and also made them larger. Helped a little but we ended up with a second A/C in bedroom. I changed the vents in bedroom so that they can be closed which forces more air from main unit into living area. I did not change the vent in tolet area but may do so if needed. These fifth wheels are just too big for one A/C. Hope this helps!

05-06-2006, 08:39 AM
Ours is the same way. I suspect it is a design problem that may not have a solution. While our 3055 was on order we toured the factory in Elkhart. During that tour they showed us how the ductwork in the roof is done. If you know what foamcore board is, the ductwork is similar. It is a foam product that is covered in something shiny similar in appearance to aluminum foil. On first observation this looks like a great idea since it supplies its' own insulation and is very light in weight however it also appears to be very fragile. My guess on this is that during installation of the ductwork and subsequent other assembly of the roof, these ducts are being crushed, thereby allowing no or limited air to pass. And of course, due to poor QC at the factory, these things don't get discovered until, we as owners encounter the problems. Then it is too late. I too don't know how a dealer would fix this since the problem is buried in roof rafters. Just another one of their design problems like sagging fresh water tanks and such.

05-08-2006, 09:32 AM
..Well first weekend out and for some reason, maybe my expectations are to high for A/C output. I know in the 31" Jazz we traded we froze in the thing, yet we kept the thermostat on about 72 while at the coast in Texas and the A/C never seemed to catch up....Was not all that humid. Can't wait to be down there in July when it's 98 degrees and 98% humidity...other than the A/C seeming not to cool very well, we had a good trip, nothing broke, and our 3055 got lots of compliments and was very comfortable.