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03-25-2010, 09:12 AM
There's been much discussion, both on our HL Owners Forum and other internet forums, on getting a good PDI from your dealer when you go to pick up your coach and before you sign any paperwork. This will be our first 5er and HL product. One thread gave a url destination for a PDI checklist. I viewed and printed out what appeared to be a very comprehensive PDI checklist which involved approx. 42 steps and 4 hours to complete. Does the factory go through a similar type of checklist before it leaves their lot? Or does Heartland provide a checklist to the dealer and suggest they follow this before delivery to the customer? Thanks.

03-25-2010, 10:23 AM
I can't answer your question directly, but by the number of issues that seem to pop up during PDIs I would say don't count on the factory or dealer to catch items that would be of concern to an owner. I camped out for a couple of days to do my PDI and still found issues on the road. I had one issue the dealer would not correct stating "HL would simply not cover under warranty", but a call to HL confirmed they would cover it due to a bad batch from the factory. The issue is being resolved by another dealer as I type. Be careful. Mine had a carpet runner laid down to protect the tile from dirt and mud between the dining table and kitchen counter, a nice gesture to keep workers from dragging in debris. But, while on the road, I removed the runner to find someone had dragged something across the tile and it left a noticeable mark. I aired up my sofa mattress during my inspection and discovered it leaked. I removed the UDC panel and examined all areas I could reach; I found a leak on a "T" fitting. Shower stall leaked at the base. The bottom wiper seal on the bedroom slide had eaten itself by getting caught in one of the rollers. Tire pressure was at 80 psi and "U" bolts on springs were below torque spec (don't expect your dealer to crawl under your rig to torque nuts, I did this myself). The toilet valve was kludged to work only for a little while and it was clear the "fix" was only useful for only a very short time (Dometic was great on this one!). The large television cables were tangled and put stress on the antenna input to the TV causing the input mount on the TV to bend. The swivel points on the mount were too tight and the cable pulling on the connection was light in comparison to the force required to position the TV. Easy fix to loosen the swivel hinges.

I'm not complaining! I am super impressed with the fit and finish of my rig. These issues are being, or were already, addressed and I love the rig. Really! After all, that's why they have a warranty. I'm advising that no one person will inspect and scrutinize your rig like you will. So roll with the punches, be patient and enjoy the new rig!

03-25-2010, 01:30 PM
Overall, there was very little problem with our 3670 on delivery. Our dealer performed a PDI prior to our arrival, so the PDI while at the dealer was pretty much a walk thru.

I would definitely plan on being able to spend a night or two either at the dealer's, or very nearby, in case something crops up, which could happen!

Don't necessarily believe what your dealer tells you on your PDI!!! Our dealer explained that it was "normal" for the slides to stop at some point while the slides are going out, or in. Give it a few seconds, and then press the in or out button again, and they should finish. I thought that was odd, so I posted a note to the forum, and found out different! (I needed a higher AMP breaker, replaced under warranty) This forum is the greatest, for answering many questions!

Remember, these are mobile houses that are built by humans in literally just a few hours, so I would expect mistakes.

Take your time - this unit should last for years! If you have a video camera, or your cell phone does video, use that for the more complicated steps, such as hookup, or slides, or whatever. Whenever I felt the least bit confused, I would turn on my camera, and ask the fellow doing my PDI to go thru the steps again. He was very obliging!

Best of luck, and HAVE FUN!