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Phil Smith
06-17-2010, 09:04 PM
Heartland Campout, Rutherdfordton, NC

Ok all you Heartlanders looking for a new place to camp in the hot month of August. We are having a Heartland "Campout" at a quaint campground in Rutherfordton, NC the Weekend of August 7. http://www.4pawskingdom.com/ (http://www.4pawskingdom.com/)

This campground has a focus on campers with dogs. It is run by a really nice German couple. Everything about the campground revolves around your "fur Kids."
This weekend is NOT a Heartland rally with organized activities. Simply put, it is a bunch of Heartland Owners that just want to get together to share a weekend of camping. The campground will have an Italian themed pot luck dinner on Saturday night. If you would like to attend please follow the link above and make your reservations. Let them know you would like to be near the Phil Smith group. If you would also kindly PM me so I have an idea how many may be planning to attend.

WARNING: This campround has very little for children to do. As I recall, a small playground and that is it.

It truely revolves around you and your dogs with off leash fenced ares, dog agility training areas, dog ponds etc. Take time to look around their web site.

Looking forward to seeing anyone who can attend!

Recovered from 25-May-2010
08-03-2010, 05:01 AM
Hey Phil, the weekend at 4 paws is coming up.

Hopefully I will get the rest of my Tri-Glide parts today from Lippert. If I dont I guess everyone can camp in my backyard.

How are you going up there? I guess you run the back roads from your house. If the timing is right, might run up to your house and follow you from there.
Let me know what time you are leaving. I know we probably won't get out of here untill after lunch.