EVENT: Heartland Owners Camp-Out: TX, Fredericksburg - 4/12/2021 to 4/19/2021


Texas-South Chapter Leaders


  • From: 4/12/2021 to: 4/19/2021
  • Number of sites held: 15
  • Register by end of day 2/12/2021
  • Site fee: $$52/night, $312 weekly per night.
  • Club Member Event fee:
  • Non-Heartland Brand fee:
  • Potluck: No
  • Potluck date:
  • Potluck time:


Additional Info:
Many of our members enjoy a trip to a winery, and the Texas Hill Country is full of them. We have gotten 15 spaces located together in the city-owned Lady Bird Johnson Campground with more available in the park.

We have the sites reserved for the entire week but your option is to stay as long as you wish. Our time of reservation includes the weekend of April 16-18th if you just want a weekend stay.

Since this is a Campout, no group activities are planned but we can always throw something together. I think this will be a fun time, very relaxing and the weather should be good at this time of the year.

There are many other things to do:

The Chester Nimitz Museum of the Second World War
Lots if great restaurants
Many antique shops in the area
Enchanted Rock state park
The world's largest wild birdseed farm
Lukenbach Texas
and of course, over 100 wineries in and around Fredericksburg


1. Jay and Stella Coffman site 79
2. Norman and Tammy Boyce site 80
3. Tony and Erika Dorsey-Thurs.-Sun. site 77
4. Jim and Nancy Beletti 12-19th site 73
5. Randy and Cindy Zavodny
6. Dave Seabolt and Nancy Anderson 12-19th site 78
7. Vic and Diana Abelson 12-19th site 86
8. Kevin and Nelly Wolbeck 12-19th
9. Terry and Carol Hershberger 12-19th site 83
10. Darren and Pam Davis 10-18th site 82
11. Bob Curry 12-19th site 85
12. Phil and Cec Crowley
13. Lowell and Joan Greer
14. Mark and Peggy Turnbough 13-18th site 88
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Texas-South Chapter Leaders
Norm and Tammy Boyce contacted me on Facebook to say they are coming.


Founding Texas-West Chapter Leaders-Retired
Jay put us down arriving Friday leaving Sunday 17th-19th! I’ll make reservations tomorrow.

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The Belettis are in!

Made reservation by phone with Kaitlin at 830 997-4202.

AR: 12-Apr
LV: 19-Apr
NT: 7
PD: $319 weekly rate
ST: 73


Texas-South Chapter Leaders
Jim, I'll bet they will, I just haven't heard. I did hear from Phil and Cec Crowley, who said they will be here.


Cindy and I have made our 2021 reservation at Lady Bird, arriving on April 14 and leaving April 18th. Unfortunately no matter how much we like visiting Fredericksburg, we can't stay the entire time because even though I'm retired, Cindy still works to pay for our LM.
See Y'all there.


Texas North Chapter Leaders-retired
Reservation made! Arrive 4-12 leave 4-19.

Looking forward to seeing everyone!

Will any of our Region Wine Connoisseurs be coming to this event? We need our wine leaders! :)

Jim, of course! We will be there! 😉😎🍷


Just made our reservations. Site 86. Arriving on 4-12, leaving 4-19. We aren't ready to go home to Minnesota yet! See ya all!


Texas-South Chapter Leaders
See ya there Vic and Diana. Looking forward to seeing you in Fredericksburg.


Past Heartland Ambassador
Reservation made.

Arrive: 12 April
Depart: 19 April

See you all on the 12th if not sooner somewhere else.


Texas-South Chapter Leaders
Glad you signed up Kevin. Looking forward to seeing you and Nelly again.

Terry H

Past Texas North Chapter Leader/Moderator
Staff member
Carol and I made our reservations for Site 83. We will be arriving on April 12 and departing on April 19.