"""UPDATE""" New Mexico Chapter Campout "2024 Balloon Festival in Albuquerqe!!!!" *******CAMP-OUT IS FULL*******

Added to Calendar: 10/08/24, 10/09/24, 10/10/24, 10/11/24, 10/12/24, 10/13/24, 10/14/24


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Are you saying we can buy our tickets when we arrive? We don’t need to worry about the event being sold out? Thanks

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It will not be sold out, everyone gets in the field. Its been years since we have been and I dont remember to cost of entry. Entry admission is paid at the balloon field. I am watching the fiesta web site if anything changes, I will post it here.


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Just received a call from the park. They have numerous people on their waiting list for the Balloon Festival. Our rally is now full. I am sorry if you didn't get reserved, but I had to relinquish the remaining sites. These sites are a precious commity during this time of the year. You can always call to see if they may have a site available. I understand their request. This Rally listing has been up since the last part of Oct 2023. If You didnt get in I am sorry. I will see if we can do it again in a couple years.

Norm Boyce