View Full Version : Cummins comes through

07-21-2010, 09:05 AM
In the past month I have had several posts about my genset not running. I ended up taking it to Cummins Northwest in Coburg Or. After working on the thing for the better part of 5.5 hours I returned to find the gen running. They had changed the regulator and the service manager told me he did not know why it would not start and run also, he said that he had not found the reason why it would not do what it should.

I an a previous post I explained what I did to get the thing working. On Monday I called the Service Manager and explained what I did and that the regulator was not malfunctioning as I replaced the original one when I got home (I wanted to see if it worked) and it worked fine.

After some discussion he offered to refund the $608.21 he charged me to find out they didnít know what was wrong.

I found it very interesting that during our discussion he did not know what a pig tail propane hose was and what its function was. This branch of Cummins specialized in RV Repairs.

This gentlemanís name is Mike, Mike asked me why I did not call the next day when the gen would not work. I explained that I was still very upset for being charged $600 to be told the experts didnít know what was wrong and I fixed it in 10 minutes so I decided to wait until I got home when I could talk to him with out sarcasm and maybe some yelling.

So everyone I would have felt good to vent but by waiting I got my money back and gave Mike the opportunity to do the right thing.