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07-24-2011, 01:20 PM
Hello members,

While researching the Greystone 33CK I've noticed that the cabinet to the right of the bunk (single bunk side of bunk house room) is either about 2 feet taller than the bunk and on other pics it's just a few inches higher. Can anyone provide any insight to these differences? These were all 2012 model pictures, well that what the site indicated.

I have found another inconsistency on the size of the black water holding tank. Some sites indicate two 40's and others are a single 40. Heartland's site indicates 40 x2.

Generator question:
I was told that I can run this unit on 30 amp as long as I don't have dual AC's. I'm planning on just having one unit 13.500 btu not 15000 btu. Is that correct that I can run 30 amp?

Also, can I run this unit on my 2000W Honda generator (no ac of course)?

Thank you in advanced. This looks like a really useful site if I decide to make the purchase.

07-25-2011, 10:38 AM
Can't help on the inconsistencies you found - but we do use a 2000W Honda generator when we tailgate. No A/C, but lots of lights, the water pump and two TV's (with satelite DVR's) going. We keep the fridge and water heater on propane to lighten the electric load. Haven't had a problem yet. We can go a good 12 hours on one tank of gas. Without the TV load, I'm sure you could go quite a bit longer.

And you're right - this is a great site! It helped us decide to go with Heartland, for sure.

07-25-2011, 11:11 AM
Bowhunt73,I have gone to many sites where only 30 amp is available. I can always run my 15 K air and two other heaters like the refrig and water heater. Usually if my wife uses the air dryer, we shut the water heater off electric, other wise campground service might blow. As for the 2,000 Honda, most everything works well off the one gen except air, I usually leave the refrig on auto and run water heater on propane. I have two Honda's, starting both will run one air. I also run one gen, then switch to the other letting the first one cool down. I installed a 30 amp shore line at the king pin so the generators do not have to be removed from PU. In the very hot weather, I try to get a 50 amp site so both air conditioners can be run to keep up with the hot weather.

07-25-2011, 04:16 PM
There are three waste tanks: one black, one grey for the two kitchens, and one grey for the shower and bathroom sink.

Re the single bunk, that closet goes up to within about 6" of the ceiling. We put an alarm clock on top of it. The front part is a closet that you can hang clothes in. In behind it is a door-less cavity that can be used by the occupant of that top bunk to keep things in.

08-11-2011, 09:41 PM
Thanks for all the info everyone. Our camper came in and it is just awesome. It has the shorter cabinet in the bunk room. They told my salesman that this is how it will be going forward. The old design was wasted space. It's a 2012 so he must be correct. I was running the generator no problem today. The one that I got does have the bigger AC, but only one.

Take care.