View Full Version : Life is good...at least so far!

09-05-2011, 12:56 AM
Just wanted to say that we are happy campers! We attended the National Rally in Goshen back in June, and just before we left (stayed an extra 2 days to get some goodys installed by Lippert), we accepted a work camping job on the Front Range in Colorado. We have been living in our Elk Ridge 27RLSS since then. During the first year of ownership we had some issues with it, and they were nothing really major, but we were getting pretty frustrated. Heartland & the dealer took care of us, and we have no real complaints. Our warranty was up in April, and so far, knock on wood, (I'm rapping on my head), we haven't had anything go wrong. We are getting a warm fuzzy feeling about our rig! I know it isn't rated for full timing, and we really aren't full timing, but we've lived in it since June, and the only thing we don't like is the 3 little critters that thought they'd join us, but a little peanut butter on well placed mouse traps took care of that problem!

09-05-2011, 07:35 AM
Glad to here you are happy with your rig. We are working on our second and love it. So far we have been critter free with this unit hope it stays that way. (Knock on Head)