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01-23-2012, 01:45 AM
We have a 30 FKS TT. The ABS connection of the P-trap to the metal screw thread of the shower drain was cracked when we returned to Arizona just recently, after having left the trailer in the Tucson area for the summer. I suspect because the metal expanded more than the ABS in the summer heat. Unfortunately, we didn't know this before we used the shower ! As a result a lot of water leaked out onto the fibreglass. I have cut the bottom underlining and removed the sodden fibreglass right underneath the P-trap. Unfortunately, it seems the water also flowed, on the top surface of the underlining, to the rear and back of the trailer, making the bottom parts of the fibreglass wet. I have removed what I can reach, but I think there could be more out of my reach. Unfortunately, I can't remove any more underlining to the front or the rear of the P-trap without removing the grey and black water tanks, which I obviously don't want to unless really necessary. There is a wooden framer (approx 2.5" X 2.5") on the side of the trailer, and another about 13.5" away, both running down the length of the trailer.

Q1: Will the water have flowed under the inner framer (the one towards the left hand side of the trailer) ?

Q2: How far will the water have flowed backwards and frontwards ? e.g. happily would there be cross framers every now and then connecting the side framers, thus stopping water flow ?

Q3: Do you have any suggestions for removing the insulation past my arm's length ?!

Q4. Do you have any suggestions for drying out the "cavity" areas, i.e. the area which used to contain the fibreglass, other than using my wife's hair-dryer ?!

Q5. Can I use waterproof styrofoam type insulation as a replacement ?


01-23-2012, 11:15 AM
If you are refering to fiberglass insulation. Yes it will probably dry on its own. Leave the area that is wet open to get air circulation. Water in the underbelly wont hurt anything...it will dry out. You might put a small electric heater in that area to help dry out the wood. Yes spray foam can be used. Just leave some room to work on things in that area. JMHO of course