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05-01-2012, 10:03 PM
Well, after taking delivery of our new Titanium the day after Thanksgiving it went straight into winter storage! We got it back out of hibernation the second week of April and began stocking it and preparing it for its first outing. When I checked the operation of the furnace there was no air coming out of the floor register near the kitchen cabinets and the register on the stairs. The furnace also seemed "loud" to me so I removed the return air vent to take a look at the unit and found two of the flexible ducts were not connected to the blower box. Easy fix as they attach with a "twist" of the collar and all the registers were now operational! While the fiver was sitting in our driveway I noticed oil on one of the front hydraulic leg pads. Upon closer inspection there was hydraulic fluid leaking between the lower ram cap and the ram body. Tightened up the three bolts (two of the three were loose) and all seems well at this time. Checked the other ram just to be sure all was well and found them to be tight. Checked out the entertainment system and discovered the DVD had sound but no picture! Referred to the television and entertainment system operator's manuals to ensure all the settings were correct, still no picture! Removed the 42" T.V. (no small task!) and checked the video/audio cables for proper connection and then removed the entertainment system to check the connections only to find them all correct. Called the entertainment system technical assistance line and spoke to a gentleman who was very helpful and went over everything I had done thus far who concluded the system was defective and would need to be replaced. I stopped at the dealer where our fiver was purchased and discussed the concern with the service manager who ordered a new unit for us and gave me the option of bringing back the trailer for them to repair it at no charge or if I brought the old unit to them I could exchange it and put it in myself. I chose the latter since it was easier then dragging the entire trailer back to them. Installed the new unit and everything was operating as it should. We went camping this past weekend at a wonderful RV park near Oneida NY and had a great time! The Titanium sure attracted many folks who commented on the blue/gray/silver full body paint and it pulled well behind our F350 SRW CC 4WD pickup! We couldn't be happier with our purchase so far and appreciate the assistance we have gotten from one of Heartland's suppliers and our dealer!:o

Ray LeTourneau
05-02-2012, 08:07 AM
Good to hear your first trip out went well. It's good to be a bit handy like yourself to take care of some of those things that are a simple fix. You might consider using some aluminum flashing tape on the twist connections for the furnace duct. They may come loose again.
Have fun and travel safe!

05-02-2012, 10:07 AM
A couple of small self tapping screws will assure they never come loose again. Ya just have to always remember you are pulling a rolling earthquake and things will come loose over time. Just the nature of the beast and no matter who built it.....it will happen.