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05-19-2013, 09:09 PM
Does anybody know how much gasoline the 5500 generator uses per hour and does it run on premium gasoline? I am thinking the auxiliary gasoline tank is probably overkill for me because we will only be running one Harley most of the time.

05-19-2013, 09:12 PM
Hi Linc,

In the manuals (http://manuals.heartlandowners.org/index.php)section of the forum, we've got some Onan documents (http://manuals.heartlandowners.org/index.php?man=/Electrical/Generator/Onan). Page 2 of the spec sheet shows fuel consumption at various load levels for both Gasoline and Propane.

05-22-2013, 09:26 AM
We average about 1/2 gallon per hour and seldom max it out at almost one gallon per hour.
Regular gas and ethanol free would be best.

I use a fuel stabilizer every time I fill the tank. Never know how long it will be stored.
An ethanol treatment If I have to use that crap.

But - since I also will occasionally fuel the bike I only put high test in the Cyclone tank

06-24-2013, 05:29 PM
We just returned from San Angelo, TX. Temperatures were 95-97 during the day 70 at night. We ran the generator non stop for 72 straight hours, with exception of checking oil every 12 hours and adding fuel. We ran at least one AC continuously, and the 2nd AC for a couple hours for cool down each afternoon. Although the nightime temps were cool enough, we ran the AC all night for sound dampening, since were were parked in the middle of the Top Fuel pits. We consumed 42 gal over the 72 hour period.