View Full Version : Camp Chef Pro 90 stove quick review.

11-04-2013, 11:05 AM
My wife and I purchased this stove and griddle about 5 years ago from Cabela's prior to a camping trip. We were scheduled to meet up with my brother-in-law, his wife and two kids so with our 3 kids that made a total of 7 people. We wanted something that we good cook breakfast on for everybody and this stove did the job. Since that time we have always carried the stove with us and we use it almost every time we camp and occasionaly at home as seen in the pictures.

The Camp Chef Pro 90 is a little heavy and bulky but it's easy enough for one person to set up and no problem at all for two people. Camp Chef also sells storage bags for thier products making storing and transporting much easier. Camp Chef also sells a 2 burner model with a smaller grill and BBQ box that can be purchased separately. The stove does not have a built in regulator so it should work with the low pressure quick connect on most RVs and Camp Chef sells a hose for this. My only real complaint with the stove is it puts out 30,000 BTUs per burner which is nice for boiling a big pot of water etc. but for most cooking and using the grill or BBQ box the temp has to be kept on low. This makes the burners subseptable to blowing out on a windy day which I've had happen but other than being a little annoying it hasn't caused any problems or safety concerns.

The griddle works great for making breakfast etc. and keeps the bacon grease out of the RV. I also purchased a couple bacon presses from Cabela's as well and I would say they are probably a neccessary addition to the griddle. The griddle is not flimsy so like the stove it's a bit heavy weighing in at 42 lbs (28 lbs for the 2 burner griddle). I remove the wire grate from the stove before I put the griddle on and keep the heat at the low setting give or take a little. Anything above medium will warp and damage the griddle so you have to watch the temps when cooking. The griddle will rust so it takes a little care to make sure you keep it coated with a good cast iron conditioner, something I have failed to do a couple times but a little rust doesn't hurt anything so not a big concern for us.

The BBQ box is a recent purchase and it works just as well as the stove and griddle. I leave the wire grate on the stove and put the BBQ box on top that leaves an open burner to use for corn on the cobb etc. With the burner set on low and the lid closed the BBQ box will heat up to about 325 degrees, the temp will stay lower depending on how often you open the lid. If you turn the heat up to medium it will climb over 400 pretty quick so again you need to keep an eye on the temps and burner setting. You can also put wood chips in the BBQ box under the cast iron grate if you want a little smoke flavor, the box weighs in at 33 lbs, (19 lbs for the smaller version). The cast iron grates are removable making it easier to clean and move around and there is a temperature gage in the lid that on mine seems to be pretty accurate.